Monday's With EDP: Nelson Agholor Getting Benched?
Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is going to switch up his approach with struggling wide receiver Nelson Agholor. The second-year wideout opened up about his poor play and continuous mistakes following Sunday’s 26-15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and admitted that he’s in his own head. The comments led Pederson to changing his stance. “Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. Sometimes that can help clear your head,” Pederson said. “I remember as a quarterback back in 1999 when Andy pulled me out and put Donovan in, it was a step back to possibly go forward and get me to see it differently. That way, too, you can begin to clear your head and see it where you don’t have the pressure of performing on you all the time.” Does this mean Agholor is being benched? Adrian Fedkiw and EDP discuss.